Unleash Your Inner Champion with the SwitchFreak UL 7’3″ Lake Bass Casting Rod


We’re thrilled to introduce you to a game-changer in the world of fishing – the SwitchFreak UL 7’3″ Lake Bass Casting Rod. This isn’t just any fishing rod; it’s a tournament-winning rod that has proven its mettle in the 2019 ABT BASS Grand Final, wielded by none other than Dane Pryce.

The Legacy of Millerods

The SwitchFreak UL 7’3″ is a product of Millerods, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality in the rod designing scene in Australia for decades. Ian Miller, the mastermind behind Millerods, has been crafting custom rods that are the pride of many anglers worldwide, including some of the highest-profile fishing personalities in the country.

The Production Rod Range

The SwitchFreak UL 7’3″ is part of Millerods’ ‘Production Rod’ range, which brings some of Ian’s most popular designs to a fully imported fishing rod. It offers the same blank designs, components, high performance, and distinctive appearance as Ian’s handcrafted rods, but without the long wait times.

Features and Specifications

This rod is a 2-piece (detachable handle) multi-loading action rod, recommended for a line of 4-7kg and an ideal lure range of 7-21gm. It features the latest Fuji Fazlite semi-micro multi-guide train (11+1 with #4.5 smallest size), ensuring precision and control with every cast.

Innovative Handle Design

One of the standout features of the SwitchFreak UL 7’3″ is its ‘Control Freak’ style handles. These are minimalist by design, maximizing sensitivity and comfort while reducing weight. The handles are presented in the Millerods instantly recognizable custom ‘Camoufish’ pattern in x-firm EVA material, which is hard-wearing, easy to fish with, and looks great!

Custom-Made Hook Keepers

The SwitchFreak UL 7’3″ also incorporates custom-made Hook Keepers designed by Ian to be easy to use, minimalist, and totally tangle-proof. Whether you’re hanging a 1 gm soft plastic or 13oz swimbait on your rod, you can rely on the hook keeper being in the right place and the correct size for the lure.


In conclusion, the SwitchFreak UL 7’3″ Lake Bass Casting Rod is more than just a fishing rod; it’s a testament to decades of angling experience, innovative design, and attention to detail. It’s the perfect tool for anglers seeking every possible advantage they can get over both the fish and other anglers.

So why wait? Unleash your inner champion with the SwitchFreak UL 7’3″ Lake Bass Casting Rod, available now at Hastings Marine. Happy fishing!

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