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Hastings Marine has been serving the boating community for almost thirty years. We have a complete range of new and used trailerboats, motors and accessories to suit all boating activities from leisure cruising and waterskiing to lake, estuary and serious offshore fishing.

Talk to us about your new or used boat, equipment, or servicing needs – we service all engines and we’re locally based.

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Yellowfin Plate Boats

Discover the Excellence of Yellowfin Plate Boats

Yellowfin has been building Plate Boats in Australia since 1984. Years of experience and honing skills is what has made them one of the most trusted boats in the country. Trust that you can take miles offshore!
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The Whales are Back

The Whales Are Back in Port Macquarie!

June is here, and with it comes the return of the majestic whales to Port Macquarie. Whether you’re an avid boater, a wildlife lover, or someone looking to experience something extraordinary, now is the perfect time to hit the open waters or enjoy a leisurely cruise along the Hastings River.
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Black Pete Quality Tackle

Black Pete Quality Tackle: Your Ultimate Game Fishing Companion

If you're gearing up for the winter yellowfin chaos, then you're in luck! Hastings Marine has just added Black Pete Quality Tackle to its fishing gear range.
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