Yellowfin Plate Boat Range at Hastings Marine

Yellowfin 7000 Southener Hardtop

Construction-wise the Yellowfin range features a fully welded checker plate floor with box section floor frame offering extra strength. The ‘Marine Core’ construction ensures that strength truly does come from within with a sub frame rib structure of longitudinal and latitudinal ribs made of 6mm vertical stringers and 5mm horizontal ribs.

Yellowfin Plate Boat Hardtop Cabin available from Hastings Marine, Port Macquarie

Yellowfin Hardtop Cabin

The 6200 is the smallest in the range but don’t let that fool you it is equally as tough as its bigger counterparts. Featuring a fully welded checker plate floor with box section floor frame for extra strength this boat comes ready to take on the ocean.

Yellowfin Folding Hardtop

One of the most compact and versatile boats in our range, the 5800 Folding Hard Top is the ideal boat for offshore fisherman that have limited storage space. Both the hard top and the windscreen fold down to minimise height when storing your boat and the boat is loaded with features like the Self-Drain Deck, hydraulic steering and a 190L fuel tank.

Yellowfin Cabin range

A more versatile cabin option that be upgraded to include clears for additional protection from the elements. The 5800 Soft Top features our Marine Core Construction HD Hull that gives you a soft and dry ride, even in Australia's tough conditions! Pair that with a max rating of 140HP and a 190L fuel tank and have a rig that can do some serious fishing!

Yellowfin Centre Console

A fishing weapon for any environment, the 5800 Centre Console come standard with Yellowfin Plates Spartan Console. A rugged, wide console that has plenty of room for electronics and grab rails to hold on during critical moments. For additional cover, a Dolphin Pro T-Top can be installed.

Yellowfin Plate Boat Rear Console available from Hastings Marine, Port Macquarie

Yellowfin Rear Console

The 5800 Rear Console truly maximises boat functionality and fishability in its open layout. The Rear Console design positions the captain and two passenger seats at the rear of the boat with three additional seat positions; one on the casting platform and two in the middle of the vessel. This boat can be taken to almost any environment to catch a huge array of fish.

Yellowfin Plate Boat Range at Hastings Marine

Years of experience and honing skills is what has made it one of the most trusted boats in the country. Trust that you can take miles offshore. A good reputation does not happen overnight, it comes from consistent customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations.

Learn more and explore the complete range to find your new fishing companion here.


Every Yellowfin is handcrafted in the Gold Coast based specialized plate boat factory by a team 10 highly skilled Plate Boat Specialist welders. With over 100 hours of welding in each Yellowfin our technicians pride themselves on producing only quality products.

The journey to become a Yellowfin Specialist begins with small tinnies, this lays the foundation of marine knowledge as well as tests skills and certification. The next step is to become a professional at building more complicated medium sized aluminum boats, challenging workers to hone their skills to perfection. Finally workers are selected to be part of the Yellowfin Plate Boat team, a group of Plate Boat Specialists and the most sought-after position in all of marine manufacturing.

Yellowfin Plate Boat Specialists take welding, painting and final assembly to a higher level. Trained by experts to be Plate Boat Specialists, each offshore boat has quality that you can see and feel.

Yellowfin Plate boats are Hand Built Tough designed by 8 full time Research and Development professionals with over 150 years of combined marine design expertise. Their diverse backgrounds include mechanical engineering, hands on sheet metal and broiler fabrication, and certification in AutoCAD/Solid Works computer program design.

Fishos themselves, the R&D Team can be found tournament fishing, camping and boating on their free time. These lucky individuals get to work in an industry they are passionate about. Their combined marine experience and passion for boating is what stands behind the Yellowfin Innovation.

The Ultimate Plate Boat Design

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