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Black Pete Quality Tackle

Black Pete Quality Tackle: Your Ultimate Game Fishing Companion

If you're gearing up for the winter yellowfin chaos, then you're in luck! Hastings Marine has just added Black Pete Quality Tackle to its fishing gear range.
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GME Bluetooth AM/FM Marine Radio

Elevate Your Marine Entertainment

Introducing the GME GR350BTB Bluetooth AM/FM Marine Stereo When it comes to enjoying the open waters, having the right entertainment system on board can make all the difference. GME understands the importance of combining functionality, durability, and convenience in marine entertainment, and their latest offering, the GR350BTB Bluetooth AM/FM Marine ...
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Unleash the Power of Precision Fishing with Motorguide Xi5

Elevate your fishing experience with the Xi5 and explore the waters beyond your bow like never before. When in pursuit of the perfect catch, every advantage counts. Unleash the full potential of your next fishing adventure with the Xi5 Wireless Saltwater Trolling Motor. From its industry-leading Pinpoint GPS technology to ...
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Bluewater 360/30 Degree Rod Holder

Revolutionize Your Fishing Experience with the Bluewater 360/30-Degree Rod Holder

The Bluewater 360/30-Degree Rod Holder, part of the Evolution 360 range by Exploding Fish, is a perfect blend of elegance and robustness.
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Mercury Outboard Motor

Rev Up Your Marine Adventures with Mercury’s 2.5-25hp Outboard Motor!

Hello, sea-lovers and boating buffs! Hastings Marine is back with yet another top-notch product spotlight: the Mercury 2.5-25hp Outboard Motor. For all of us who believe in making waves, this is a game-changer. Why Mercury Stands Out Mercury isn’t a newcomer in the marine world; it’s a name synonymous with ...
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Introducing the Sea-Doo Explorer Pro: A Game-Changer in Marine Adventure

Hastings Marine is proud to present the newest addition to our extensive lineup of watercraft: the Sea-Doo Explorer Pro. Designed for enthusiasts who demand versatility, capability, and unmatched performance, the Explorer Pro stands out as a unique blend of jet ski and exploration craft. Here, we delve deep into the ...
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