Garmin Fusion BB100 Black Box

Look at this compact black box entertainment solution from Garmin

The name Garmin is synonymous with quality. The Fusion MS-BB100 is a breakthrough audio device giving you exceptional sound quality and control from anywhere on your boat.

There is no need to compromise on quality audio entertainment due to limited helm space with the value-packed Fusion MS-BB100 compact black box entertainment solution.

Its compact form factor allows for easy installation on your boat. Your music will sound incredible with the built-in Class-AB amplifier while Garmins’ Multi-Zone™ technology gives you control of 2 separate audio zones. You can even control your music from a compatible multifunction display (MFD), smart device or Garmin watch.

Designed to save space at the helm, the compact design of the MS-BB100 allows it to be mounted in out-of-way places such as storage lockers, inside helm consoles and other concealed compartments.

That means, you don’t have to compromise on sound quality or control. This small, black box packs a hefty punch. An IPX7-rated wired remote control is included in the box for you to control the MS-BB100. You can mount the wired remote with a conventional flush finish or integrate it into the helm for a premium flat finish.

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