Promariner ProSportHD

Have you seen the Heavy Duty Recreational Grade On-Board Battery Chargers now available from ProMariner? It’s not the most glamorous bit of kit for your boat, but you’ll sure miss it when your battery runs down and leaves you stranded. 

The Promariner chargers are best in class. Just fit it to your boat, (they’re completely waterproof), connect to your battery. Recharging is simplicity itself.

“The ProSportHD features a lightweight, tri-surface heatsink design. This delivers significantly faster charging through optimal cooling, while delivering true rated constant current charging amps during charge mode. Fully automatic multi-stage charging enhances battery performance while extending battery life.”


Better still, we’ve got them right here at Hastings Marine. Want to find out more? Give us a call at Hastings Marine, or if you’re in Port Macquarie, pop in and see us on 185 Hastings River Drive.

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