Life’s better with a XFLC 7’3″ 2pc Spinning Rod

The Millerods XFLC is an all-time favourite in the spinning rod line-up for both fresh and saltwater fishing, and has many dedicated followers.

In recent years the XFLC has really made a mark in the Tournament bass fishing arena as a soft plastic rod for suspended schooling fish which can be notoriously fickle.

The light tip action is perfect for this type of fishing as it is extremely sensitive which helps in keeping track of what the lure is doing, and also the fish can take the lure without feeling any undue pressure from the rod. Lower down there is plenty of power that be called upon if structure is nearby!

But the XFLC is not a one-trick pony! It’s also fantastic for any light soft plastic presentation for other species including bream, golden perch etc and is also excellent for fishing light blades to all these species as well. As such, the XFLC has become the favourite light line all-rounder for many anglers!

Ian has now made the blank for this rod into a 2pc format with detachable handle, and made the action smoother for when treble hooked lures are in the equation.

The multi-guide train of the latest Fuji Fazlite KR guides in sizes down to semi-micro runs true and easy, further enhancing the overall smoothness of this rod performance.

Ian’s trademark Control Freak style skeleton handle is super comfortable and also enhances the amazing sensitivity of this rod. This rod is fitted with the Fuji KSKSS seat, which makes vertical fishing extremely comfortable but retains the sensitivity factor. This is set atop a blue carbon barrel, and custom-shaped x-firm EVA in the Millerods signature style blue Camoufish pattern, all finished with the ‘M’ logo anti-skid butt cap.

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