Discover Adventure with a Stacer 481 Seamaster

Stacer 481 Sea Master Hastings Marine Port Macquarie

Our boat of the month is the Stacer 481 Seamaster. A family favourite, with plenty of underfloor storage for any adventure.

Built on the brand new Revolution Hull, this boat is the perfect all rounder. Great for fishing, or just cruising on our great waterways with the family. Previously only available on the Sea Master, Crossfire and Wild Rider models, the ‘revolution hull’ is now the backbone of the Stacer 481 Seamaster. The revolution hull gives you a high performing and enjoyable boating experience.

Stacer 481 Seamaster Revolution Hull
Stacer 481 Seamaster Revolution Hull

Why buy Stacer? Well, Stacer is a brand with an industry wide reputation for quality, strength and dependability. Proudly Australian designed and built, Stacer has become an instrumental part of the Australian boating scene.

The Stacer factory on the Gold Coast produces 90 models and builds up to 20 boats a day. Your Stacer 481 Seamaster is created from marine grade aluminium from a team of expert welders, carpenters and painters. These craftsmen ensure each boat is crafted with attention to detail to provide you with a boat that will last generations. 

Come and see for yourself. Hastings Marine are exclusive Stacer dealers, right here in Port Macquarie. 

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